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Mobile 1:3:7
Sound sculpture in light environment
In collaboration with Alessandra Zucchi

A lenticular, translucent, hanging mirror is illuminated by coloured spotlights.
A sound exciter is attached to the mirror so that the object itself is transformed into a loudspeaker playing a sinewave texture.
The mirror freely rotates, it reflects its coloured shapes and projects the sound through the space in gentle spatial motion.
One, three and seven are the prime numbers used to tune the pitch map of the sound texture.

Mobile 1:3:7 is dedicated
to LaMonte and Marian


- translucent mirror
- sound exciter
- sound synthesizer
- spotlights with shapers
- coloured fiters


Pixxelpoint 2016
with the title "Me is everybody"
Mestna Galerija
Nova Gorica (SI)
Curated by Rene Rusjan

Spazioersetti Gallery, Udine
Curated by Continuo
and Anna Lombardi for MuDeFri

Thanks to:
Marina e Susanna Sent
Photo credit:
Lara Carrer
Alessandra Zucchi

Mobile 1:3:7 is dedicated
to LaMonte and Marian