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Infinite Tendencies of Democracy
Interactive Sound installation (2012)

Infinite Tendencies of Democracy - is, from a sonic perspective, a piece about additive synthesis.
At every internet connection to a custom built web page a new voice is added to the audio system in the exhibition room.
Day by day the space is slowly saturated by a sonorous colored noise wave made of sinewaves.
Visually the sound is represented by a spectrogram. Every sinewave draws a thin vertical line that glows on the screen accordingly with its volume.

From another point of view, this work is a reflection about collective participation applied to new communication technologies.
The title refers to the question arising from contemporary influence of internet and worldwide realtime networking onto political and social domain. A larger audience is nowadays reached through media, internet is told responsible for many recent important changes and in this sense it is likely to happen that it will bring to much wider consequences in the next future.

Democracy is to give everyone the opportunity to express and participate in the process of promulgate equal rules and rights. Internet should seem the perfect tool for connecting people in order to orient to a social and civil global growth.
At the same time, a massive participation is probably not auspicable. Entropy occurs in many aspect of social life, and even the best of intentions cannot prevent an entropic slide toward chaos.
A chaos sound wave is known as "noise". Might the chance of giving everyone the right to participate, bring to social and political chaos/noise?
I cannot answer this question, but we'd better get acquainted with noise because it's definitely the sound of the times.


- computer
- audio system
- video projectors
- internet access


The Prague Quadriennal / Sound Kitchen series
Curated by Steve Brown

The Atrium Art Gallery, Bournemouth (UK).
Curated by Bill Thompson

Thanks to
Sinead Ging