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Untitled War
Site-specific sound and light intervention
In collaboration with Alessandra Zucchi

The 'Tempietto ai caduti' in the center of 'portico di San Giovanni' surely catches one’s attention for its acoustics.
Its long natural reverberation offers a wonderful experience to those who try it and represents a particularly suitable context for the lyric expression. Often and especially at night, street musicians in Udine sit in front of its entrance to embellish their own voice thanks to the amplification effect that the Tempietto produces.
Untitled War is our tribute to the most central monument of our city with the beautiful winged victory by Aurelio Mistruzzi and a dedica to the fallen of all wars.
With the magenta light we have chosen to simultaneously represent the sacred fire of life and accidentally pay tribute to the 160th anniversary of the battle of Magenta, a pivotal episode of the Italian Risorgimento.


Technical rider
- stereo audio system
- Lights
- timer

Thanks to
Christie Finn
Richard Spaeth
Stefan Emmenegger