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Musica per 12 Lettere di Dadamaino
Sound sculpture for an empty space (2010)
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Musica per 12 Lettere di Dadamaino was inspired by Dadamaino's Alfabeto della mente (1979)
Twelve indipendent sound tracks are overlapped randomly. Each track has its own distinctive sound/mark. They are short, sharp sounds/signs, small piercing identities that follow one another. Like Dadamaino's letters, the density of the sound texture varies in time and the rhythm expands and compresses.

Audio is driven by a custom built software. Musica per dodici lettere is intended for low level and ambient listening. Headphones are not adviseable.


Technical rider
- computer with Max installed
- audio system (stereo or multichannel)


Locarno (CH)
Curated by Lorenzo Cotti
and Federico de Donatis