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Since May, 28 2011, along with Alessandra Zucchi we run Spazioersetti, a exhibition venue entirely dedicated to sound and architecture. It permanently hosts our resident sound and light environment The Dream, dedicated to La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Its main space is equipped with 8 channel sound system and it is furnished to offer a concentrated listening experience in a total environment.
In our programme we include exhibitions, talks and workshops led by international sound artists, curators, architects and musicians.We collaborate with local and international organizations in support of sonic-related projects.
Spazioersetti is also a workroom for research and training in the field of just intonation.
Visit for more informations and if you have the chance come visit us.

Il Suono in Mostra

Il Suono in Mostra is a contemporary art festival that turns on the spotlight on the use of sound as an artistic expression and on the experimentations that in recent years have characterized the spread of Sound Art.
The key concept of the festival is to combine the opportunity of visiting spaces which are significant for their architecture, for their beauty or for their acoustic characteristics, with a sensitive exploration of these places through listening.
Since 2015 along with Alesssandra Zucchi we invite artists who, with their art, promote the places of our city through a listening experience, so as to trigger a virtuous exchange between the language of sound and urban spaces that we feel special. The programme also entails workshops and talks, gathering artists and curators in the field of sound from many countries.

The T.M.O.

The Topolovska Minimalna Orkestra is an open, ever-changing ensemble created in 2008 by Moreno Miorelli with the aim of bringing together the musicians and artists of different backgrounds who populate the village of Topolo on the occasion of the International Festival Stazione di Topolo` / Postaja Topolove. The TMO has specialized in the execution of "In C", the masterpiece of musical minimalism composed by Terry Riley in 1964. In its repertoire the TMO also includes works by composers like Steve Reich, LaMonte Young, Frederic Rzewski, Tom Johnson and other minimalists.
The ensemble of the TMO is variable and can range from chamber quartet up to over 100 elements.
Since its foundation, the TMO is directed and coordinated by Antonio Della Marina.

ToBe... Continued

ToBeContinued is a 24 hour live streaming concert happening every year on The World TB Day to increase the awareness of tuberculosis. The event is organized by Stazione di Topolò under the aegis of the World Health Organization.
Featured music range from ethno to classical, from ambient to improvised to experimental. The list of the participants grows year by year, and artists have joined in from all over the planet. Among the contributors, some of the most prestigious international names in the field of experimental music.
The event is organized and coordinated by Moreno Miorelli and Antonio Della Marina.

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