Antonio Della Marina
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agenda 2020

Antonio Della Marina - alto sax, sinewaves
Alessandra Zucchi - video projection
Spazioersetti gallery

Antonio Della Marina - alto sax, sinewaves
Alessandra Zucchi - video projection
Spazioersetti gallery

Sound and light environment
for Udine Design Week 2020
with Alessandra Zucchi
Spazioersetti gallery

24 hours relay of sounds for the World TB day.
Live streaming concert with participants from 46 countries around the globe.

audio-visual live improvisation network event featuring 70 live visual and live audio artists from around the world. Organized by Sarah Weaver, Ursula Scherrer and Katherine Liberovskaya.
I will be performing at 10-11pm CET (4-5pm EDT) along with musicians Ximena Alarcon, Bradford Reed, Simon Grab and video artists Rosa Sanchez and Alain Baumann, Alexandra Dementieva, Lea Fröhlicher, Michael Egger and Alessandra Zucchi. [read more...]

at Invisible Cities festival, Capriva del Friuli (Gorizia).

Artist residence at "Die Datscha", a concert environment in the Black Forest, built especially as a meeting point for musicians and composers who are interested in just intonation. With Richard Spaeth (DE), Werner Durand (DE), Uli Hohmann (DE), Wolfram Oettl (DE) and Andreas Rüsing (DE). Stuttgart, Germany.

Fades_Costellazioni sonore sulle serie armoniche di 3_5_7_11_13
Talk and project presentation at Stazione di Topolò - Postaja Topolove Festival.

Sound and light environment with Alessabdra Zucchi at Spazioersetti gallery, for Il Suono in Mostra - V rassegna internazionale di arte sonora, Udine.


Since May, 28 2011, along with Alessandra Zucchi we run Spazioersetti, a exhibition venue entirely dedicated to sound and architecture. It permanently hosts our resident sound and light environment THE DREAM. Its main space is equipped with 8 channel sound system and it is furnished to offer a concentrated listening experience in a total environment. Spazioersetti is also a workroom for research and training in the field of just intonation. In our programme we include exhibitions, talks and workshops led by international sound artists, curators, architects and musicians.
Please visit for more informations and if you have the chance come visit us!

A completely renovated version of has been released and is now online. Real time generated, platform independent, it offers the opportunity to set up the installation simply by connecting one or more computer to internet from private or public spaces. Thanx to Colin Clark's Flocking javascript library.