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Collective work by Alessandra Zucchi (IT), Michael Delia (US/CZ), Angelica Castellò (MEX/AT), Sofia Bustorff (PT/CZ), Martin Janicek (CZ), Tomas Zizka (SK), Urkuma (IT).
Local artistic scene is encouraged to participate.

Take a free space and put inside it:
various objects
6 or more mixed artists
various microphones
projectors and cameras
some computers
a pinch of fragrances, colours and lights
wires and plugs q.b.
a pot
- and in the pot put : oil, garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, melanzane, peperoni, zucchine, ecc…
- and in each computer put : images, sounds, actions, …
mix this whole with the audience and serve with love.

"Audience and participants mix, interface, engage with all media, cooking, audio, video etc. some details are projected, some sound processed. it can be part workshop too. it could take from lunch to midnight, in different phases. italian homecooking interfaced".
- Sofia Bustorff -

"We meet some days before the action, at the house, cook, talk, invent instruments and jam jam jam Giambotta!"
- Angélica Castelló -

"What is giambotta conceptually is a mix of whatever is around.. cucina povera but at the same time very sophisticated in it's simplicity.. so the event or happenning should also be this blend of povera// inventiveness.. with the sophistication of the technology. all the senses have to be working, but not overwhelming. These variations of different giambotta's make for the morning.. afternoon, evening and midnight snacks.. they can be like the different raga's played only for certain times of the day".
- Michael Delia -

" …non una ricetta fissa ma una vera e propria preparazione libera, dove gli ingredienti di base saranno dati solo da quello che ri-troveremo a Topolò".
- Stefano “Urkuma” de Santis -

"To serve a giambotta at italian village is a special occasion, as it is coming back to its home from long, around-the-world trip, spiced by cultural, technological, social and economical experiments to be tasted together".
- Martin Janícek for mamapapa -

"What is Giambotta? It is a mix, a vegetables mix of course, but even a mix of people, of arts, of media, of actions, it all cooked together".
"The fact that different variations of what we call giambotta is so spread around the world with different names acts like a common language and at the same time as an expression of individuality and traditions which has to be enjoied more than preserved".
- Alessandra Zucchi and Antonio della Marina -

Special thanks to Anthony Buccini for his contribution.