CifraX icon
ADM - 2007

Cifra X is a sound installation and a computer piece.
The computer is connected to a speaker, a custom built software (maxmsp + javascript) runs to generate a 180 bpm steady metronome. Starting from the first one, all beats are counted and numbered progressively, the video monitor displays the count up serie.
Prime numbers generate accented beats while factorable (composite) numbers generate flat beats.
The duration of the piece depends on the computer power. The processing time in between the beats increases as the piece is played. The higher the number the longer the calculation the more absorbing CPU resources causes the piece's tempo to gradually slow down and down.
The piece ends when the calculating process absorbs all the CPU resources and the machine stucks.

Audio sample

Three different moment of Cifra X running on a mac G4 1.33Ghz: (the beginning, after 12h and after 24h processing)


Duration of the piece is indefinite, it takes the time to evolve and end. Cifra X is composed to be set in a small dedicated room or niche.

Technical rider

- Computer with standard audio card
- Single active or amplified speaker
- Power plug

download (.zip file - 7.1 MB PPCmac OSX only)